Q. Is it ok to bring foods and drinks?

A. Yes, it is. We provide you breakfast and dinner, so you don’t need to bring foods for that.

Q. Do you have a pickup service?

A. Yes, we have. It is free to send you to Sapporo city. Also, the customers from other places, not in Hokkaido, we will pick up and send you to Shinchitose airport for free.

Q. Can I take my pets?

A. Yes, of course. We will ready drinks for you. Also, the drinks in the refrigerator is free.

Q. Can other people except guest enter here?

A. No. This area is limited for guest only.

Q. Can I smoke?

A. All our rooms are non-smoking. If you want to smoke, you can either go to the designated area or to the bar lounge.

Q. When do you collect the garbage?

A. A. For those who are planning for a long-term stay (four nights or more,) our staff will come and collect your garbage if you contact us.
In that case, we’ll have to ask you to put your garbage outside your door.
We generally do not collect garbage from those who are staying for three nights or less.
If you would like us to collect the garbage, please contact us.