Welcome to Grace Niseko

Grace Niseko has opened in Niseko Town where you can enjoy different activities each season.
Our location is convenient for those who would like to enjoy various activities as you can reach any of the main destinations within 10 minutes by car from here. You can also enjoy a clear view of Mt.
Yotei with no obstructions, so when the weather is clear, you can enjoy the view of the mountain under a clear sky!
Enjoy your stay to the maximum while surrounded by nature at our guesthouse.

Facility Guide

We have cooking equipment and amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for our guests.
Please inform us beforehand if there is anything you would like us to prepare, and we will prepare it for you.


Nearby Facilities

One of the features of Grace Niseko is its location as you can easily reach any of the main destinations of the town from here.
Our guesthouse allows you to choose whether you want to stay here and relax from your daily routine, or go out and do some activities at other places.


Food and Beverages

At Grace Niseko, our chef can prepare you a box lunch and we can deliver it to you at the guesthouse, or you can relax from your tiring day at the bar lounge on the first floor of the main building while listening to some calm music.